Donald Trump Retweeted me. The internet is confused and so am I

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This morning I woke up to a gazillion notifications on Twitter and my first thought was: “oh crap, what did I do now?!”

After all, if you’ve read a book like So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, you know that things can go really bad, really fast on social media if you’re not actively thinking through every Tweet, Retweet, Like, Share and so on.

Turns out it is Donald Trump who should really think through what he tweets and retweets.

This all started last week when I saw “Not Fat” trending on Twitter. My first thought was that Trump had tweeted something defending his rather rotund physicality. He wasn’t, but I still shared my random thought with the internet with this tweet:

Okay, I know, it’s not the funniest thing ever and maybe only slightly witty. But hey, I try. And I want to be clear, my intent was not to body-shame Trump but to make a point about out how narcissistic the US president can be.

Flash forward to this morning. Turns out that those gazillion Twitter notifications were a result of Trump retweeting my poor attempt at humor.

Here’s a screenshot for posterity:

trump not fat retweet

Twitter reacted swiftly as would be expected (click here to see the entire stream of comments):

I’m just as confused as @jakelobin is about why the President of the United States would ever retweet this. Some of the theories posed on Twitter so far:

  1. He is hopped up on Adderall.
  2. He thought the tweet was defending his slender figure.
  3. His office is using an auto-Twitter bot to do his retweeting.
  4. He has dementia.
  5. He thought it was funny.

My best guess is that Trump barely read my Tweet and woosh, my attempt at humor went right over the president’s head. Whatever the reason, this whole thing has made for a very entertaining day!

Regardless of why he did it, shouldn’t the President of the Friggin’ United States of America be doing something more important than retweeting anyways?