Social Media Marketing

Online channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Twitter offer powerful ways to engage new audience and find new customers, subscribers and donors.

The Spake team uses social media in all sorts of different ways depending on the particular campaign you are running:

Message testing: platforms like Facebook offer very powerful audience targeting. We can use these audiences to test a series of messages you are considering for your campaign to identify what message is engaging what audiences best. We can also test various images you are considering using, as well as video formats and scripts.

Email acquisition: we can design a campaign for you that tests what social media platforms, messages and audiences are getting your organization new email subscribers at the cheapest price. Even better, we can use very specific targeting to ensure that the people signing up to your email list are the types of people you are looking to engage.

Raising awareness: the Spake team can show you how to use social media to get your message out big time! We can help you work through your audience targeting and then build those audiences on social media channels based on interests, behavior and demographics, so you are not only getting your message out there, but you are getting it to the right people.

Microtargeting: do want to get your message in front a very small, very specific group of people? That might be a single corporation, or an important government decision-maker. We can research where these very small audiences are engaging online and target them specifically with your message.

These are just a few great ways we can help your organization use the full power of social media to help you engage more people and get your message out. Contact us today for help on developing a powerful social media marketing campaign for your organization.

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