Spake’s formula for building a powerful online marketing strategy

It is getting harder and harder to be heard above the noise online.

With thousands of new websites and millions of Tweets and Facebook posts everyday, competition for what punches through the noise is fierce.

We believe that with a bit of creativity, a sound strategy and attention to data, the internet can become a powerful part of your marketing and communications plans.

With decades of experience in search engines, content marketing, email list building and social media, the Spake Media team has time and time again punched through the noise.

THREE THINGS lie at the heart of the Spake’s philosophy for building a winning online marketing strategy:

LONG TERM STRATEGY: long term success using the internet and digital tools starts with a well developed strategic plan. The choice of where to invest in the right tools and tactics can only come after there is a long-term goal and a set of clear and measurable objectives. With no long-term goal there is no way to know where you’re going. And with no measurable objectives there is no way to know if you’re getting there.

DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS: the most powerful thing the internet and digital tools have over more traditional means of communications is the availability of data. There is no guess work as to whether an ad campaign is doing well or a new web design is converting more people to action, the answers are in the data. By continually testing new ideas, analyzing the data and revising tactics over time we can take full advantage of data and build a more powerful long term plan.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: big numbers of visitors to your website or email sign-ups are worth nothing if they are not your target audience and doing the thing (or things) you want them to do (for example: take action, donate or buy a product). Figuring out the target markets will help in defining the objectives for your strategy and also help you choose the most effective tools and tactics to invest in.

Once there is a sound long-term strategy identified, a plan for making data-driven decisions and identified target markets we can explore all the amazing tools out there in the digital world.

We believe that the most effective online strategies take advantage of a mix of online tools, whether those be social media platforms, online advertising, video platforms, blogging, new web or smart phone applications, search engine optimization or email lists.

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