What we do

A digital marketing agency bridging traditional PR and digital strategy to get your message out to the right audience.

Search engine optimization and search engine reputation management – did you know that 67% of people who see a traditional television, radio or newspaper ad go on to a search engine to get more information about the product or information advertised? Learn more about search engines and how they can be used to help your organization grow.

Online advertising – depending on your marketing strategy, using the Google ad network can be a great way to engage new audience, reinforce your message to the consumer and compliment a traditional advertising campaign in print, radio or television. Learn more about online advertising and how it can help you get a message out and reinforce your brand awareness.

Social media – online technologies like Facebook and Twitter offer powerful ways to engage new audience and find new customers. Learn more about social media, how it can be used and how we can help.

We know how to talk programming and have managed web design projects big and small. In 2011 a blog the president of Spake managed was named one of the Top 25 blogs in the world by Time magazine. We can build RFP’s, find you the right designer from our networks, manage costs, manage programmers and ensure that you get a high-quality web platform at a reasonable price.

Building big powerful email lists – no form of digital communications is more effective at engaging audiences than a well thought out email strategy. Learn more about the Spake’s background in email list building and how we could help you.