Spake Media Proud to Be Part of Forest Heroes Victory

spake-forest-hero (1)

Late last week, Wilmar International, one of the largest palm oil companies in the world announced that it has agreed to a long term plan that would see an end to destroying untouched rainforest to make way for palm oil plantations.

These rainforests are mainly in Indonesia and home to the last 400 remaining wild Sumatran tigers in the world.

This is huge, huge news and Spake Media House is proud to have played a role creating and executing the online portion of the “Forest Heroes” campaign that made this great news happen!

Specifically the Spake Media team implemented an overarching online campaign strategy that included: email writing and list building, online ads, social media, web design, content creation and online media pitching.

All this was in partnership with the great team at Catapult Action, the amazing on-the-ground work of Green Corps and the member power of Sum of Us.

Photo courtesy of 5 of 7 on Flickr.