Do You Produce Monthly Data Reports for your Online Campaigns?


On more than one occassion have I proclaimed to clients, colleagues and staff that it is “the year of data!”

Thing is, what the heck does that mean?

Where do you even start to use data to do anything more than sending around a monthly report with graphs showing pageviews, Facebook likes, growth in Twitter following and the number of new email subscribers?

I find this kind of use of data quickly gets relegated to the “it would be nice to read if I have time” category.

The problem is that a data report like the one I described above really isn’t doing much. It is not guiding decision making. If anything such a monthly report is either saying you are on track to meet your goals or not… and really not much more than that. But those are your goals and nobody really needs to know that information except you, your team and your boss. (You are setting monthly and annual objectives, right?).

So what is useful data to send around to your organization if it isn’t the monthly report? There’s lots of answers to that.

One suggestion would be to send around a report ranking the various campaigns by some metric like pageviews, fundraising or email list growth.

In other words use the data to create a race to the top! Heck, throw in a bonus for whichever campaign results in the most email list growth for your organization. All of sudden you will have a lot of campaigners coming to you and asking about “that email thing we do!”