Is Your Online Presence a Mile Wide but Only an Inch Deep?


There is a big difference between getting traffic to your online campaign and getting traffic that makes a difference.

Honestly (and don’t tell anyone), but give me a few days and I can get you 100,00 pageviews using very legitimate sources. Problem is that that those 100,000 visitors will never be on your site for more than 3 seconds and definitely not explore your site further.

So would you like to have 1,000 people come to your site, read your blog post and a large percentage of those sign up on your email list, Facebook group or somehow convert to fans of your work?

Or would you like to boast about a big number of pageviews on your site that does no more than show big spikes in your Google Analytics report?

The former is what a smart, long term strategy does. The latter will look great and impress the pants off people… but it won’t last and definitely won’t make a difference to the power you are trying to build with your online campaign.

Photo credit Martijn Van Dalen on Flickr