Targeted Online and Social Media Advertising

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Spake Media has developed new advertising techniques for campaigns using the Google search/display network that will blow you away! These are new strategies that (as far as we know) are only being deployed on a large-scale basis by our clients.

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Online advertising – depending on your marketing strategy, using the Google ad network can be a great way to engage new audience, reinforce your message to the consumer and compliment a traditional advertising campaign in print, radio or television.

Every day, Internet users conduct millions of searches on Google. When you use Google AdWords, you have the opportunity to capture any segment of that broad worldwide audience that’s actively looking for products, services, information, and websites

One of the biggest benefits Google ads offers is the ability to precisely target ads to users based on their interest, as well as a number of other factors like location, language, and demographic. The result is that the user sees highly relevant ads, which they are more likely to click on.