When it Comes to Big Scale Digital Campaigns, It’s All About Testing

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When you send out an email to 10,000 people, what are all the reasons those people might act on that email? What about when you send it to 800,000?

Or on a website that gets 100,000 pageviews a day, is there anything we can really say that would sum up who those people are? What they are interested in? Or why they click on what on a page?

It is almost a complete waste of time to try and figure out the psychology of why people do what they do as a collective group in the thousands or millions on a website, smartphone app, email list, social media channel or whatever else. It’s just too complicated and the answer – even if we could arrive at one – likely too convoluted to be of much use.

Instead, test. See what works and do more of that. Look at your data, see what isn’t working and don’t do that anymore. Test, tweak, test, tweak, repeat and never stop.

Simple right?

The next time someone says a red button will result in more conversions than a yellow button, put away the Freudian text book and instead say these five words: “Good idea, let’s test it!”